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The Beacon is located right in the middle of Makati City, right smack inside the Central Business District, which means you will be living within minutes of everything that you will ever need or want. This makes the Beacon the perfect home for all kinds of people.

For instance, if you have a couple of school-age children, you can enroll them in the nearby Don Bosco Technical Institute. This learning institute provides excellent quality education from pre-school all the way to college. The great thing about this school is that it is literally just across the street from the Beacon Makati. This means your kids do not have to worry about being late for their classes ever again. They do not even need to commute. They just need to cross the street and they’re inside the school grounds. If you want other school choices, there is the Centro Escolar University, which is just five minutes away via a short jeepney ride from the condominium.

However, the biggest draw for living in the Beacon Makati is its close proximity to the center of the Makati Central Business District. If you are currently living outside of Makati City then you are probably aware of how hellish the morning rush hour traffic can be. You can forget all about that when you become a permanent resident of the Beacon Makati. You no longer have to set your alarm for 4AM and leave the house before the sun begins to peak out of the horizon. You can get up out of bed at the same time as the sunrise and still have enough time to prepare for work. You just need to take a short jeepney ride into the middle of the CBD, which usually takes no more than 5 minutes. This means you will have more energy for all of your tasks for the day, and still have a surplus amount by the time you get home early in the evening.

Hospitals are not a problem here at all as well. You just need to ride a taxi cab for around five minutes or so to reach the famed Makati Medical Center. This huge hospital is staffed by hundreds of professional physicians of various specializations, and is equipped with all the modern medical tools to handle all kinds of ailments known to man. If you just need to go for a simple consultation, there are lots of small private clinics in the immediate area. There are dental clinics, dermatologists, and general medicine practitioners.

Shopping malls and commercial centers abound in the immediate neighborhood of the Beacon. For instance, you just need to cross the street and you will find the Walter Mart Makati, a mid-sized shopping mall (for today’s modern standards) that has dozens of retail shops that sell everything that you can imagine, several cinemas where you can catch the latest flicks, and a huge supermarket where you can go grocery shopping. If you want something that is a bit more high-end, you just need to take a short 5-minute jeepney ride to reach the opulent Greenbelt Mall. There, you will find all kinds of high-end boutiques and shops from all of the famous brands.

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